Monday, 14 July 2014

More futterbye hunting.

 A couple of outings twitching butterflies!...aye that's right me twitching how often does that happen?. I had made a mental promise to myself this year to try and see a few different species that I ain't seen before within South Tyneside. So that meant travelling to a few different sites not a million miles away, especially with the first 2 shots which where taken just off the A1 roundabout at Chester le street. I only managed to pick up 2 White letter hairstreaks here on my visit, but other visitors have had a canny few more. First new tick for me.

 Tried the brickworks pools area next for Purple hairstreak , not much luck in a couple of hours here, only picked up one high up in the oaks. Never the less new tick (second new one) ! Close encounter of the Grayling kind here above, this one landed on my jeans at one stage.
 And today it was off out west, in search of another 2 species on the 'want to see list'.
I thought the close encounter with the Grayling was great a few days back, nowt compared to the one today with a Small pearl-bordered Fritillary (3rd new tick) whilst sitting watching a few.
 I made the mistake of wandering around a site in trainers today (should have know better) fell into a beck hidden with grass and had't to walk along a section of the Waskerly way in wellies for a couple of miles in search of Dark green fritillary. Pretty windy and dull up here today, fruitless search for this one, but cannot complain it's been a couple of brilliant outings! many thanks to the lads who have helped .