Saturday, 30 December 2017

Just a few pics and words from this year ;-)

 It started with a 'twitch' more or less when the Pacific diver showed well in Drurigde bay cp.
 Still 'ower the water' (only just ;-) I sight I will never forget...A Glauc.gull being robbed by a Great blacked backed.
 Dipped the one in Marine park a few times...Iceland gull, North Shields.
 Long-toes on the Don banks earlier this year.
 Rare visit over Weardale.
 Couple of Jarrows finest
 Ain't had the pleasure of a Goldcrest preening like this before! ..almost glued to the spot. (just exhausted migrants normally)
 And then its getting lower than a snakes belly time ;-) first Common blue of the year and just waking up.

 Well I couldn't leave these little bettlers out in ST  post... especially after recording them at 3 different sites this year. (Dingy skipper) there's more I'm sure to be found and reported. ;-)
 Mating Small Coppers in Jarrow, first time I've been lucky enough to see this.
 And its been a canny year for the Banded demoiselles compared to last year.
 Small heath
 Short interlude...Washington WWT . Nice company from the wader lake hide

 Ok...couple more butterflies.  Ringlet- fresh. and Coma below.
 Flying bombs. Cannot better Marsden bay for action,sound and smell in the breeding season along our coastline. Love and protect always!!
 Slip-slidding away, wrong ledge. ;-)
 I'll keep this one brief...'Terns' (not like me )
 Pretty average this year again number wise- but I'm pleased to see Sandhaven does have more folks reporting sightings this year on twitter etc. Great stuff ! spread the joy!
 My best count was 3 adult Rosy and 2 juvs on a visit this August. ..nowt better than sitting with terns. Gutted when I was house-bound in the latter-half of the this season.
 This Juv. Cuckoo didn't half give good views in Trow .
 The Whitburn Bee-eater above the wooden viewing screen .
 And this 'puddle duck' by the pier.

Monday, 23 January 2017

What goes around comes around.

 I'm blogging this as I've never seen the likes before and confirms how clever/clued up the adults birds are here. Today I had't to venture over the water and had thoughts of dropping into the fish quay for a while this afternoon. At first this Juv. Glaucous gull sat rested on one of the shed roofs here, before eventually dropping down to join the feeding frenzy of mainly immature Herring and Great-black backed gulls in the gut.
This bird bossed its way to the front of the by-catch throw out-as expected
 Did a few nice fly-byes in the gut
 Followed the bird onto the river side of the quay- wasn't long before 'wiser' eyes made this birds efforts in vain.