Sunday, 19 October 2014

Just a few from the rare outings lately.

 For one reason or another I ain't been able to get 'out and about' as much as I normally do, so when a 'pass out' for a couple of hours on Friday was on the cards I didn't look a gift horse in the mouth. ;-). After just venturing into Whitburn  CP  on Friday late morning, the 'twitter' alert on the phone sounded,a hasty retreat to the car in the lodge car park was had....Olive-backed pipit showing well in Roker.
 Showing well ! Showing brilliantly more like it, within a short time of arrival at the twitch site.
 Lifer! ...(nee idea what number) and also for a canny few other folk over the last few days. Big thanks to the twitter nation who post regular, seems a great way of sharing news.
 Best I got of the Lesser whitethroat knocking about here, which is about the best I've managed photo wise of this species.
Cracking visit to Station burn last week for a couple of hours or so.. Couple of Grey wags posed nicely, the below shot took some patience. It was a case of 'hide and seek' as it played 'pick a boo' behind rubbish and cut away areas in the leaf litter as one's arse sat hoping for mammal sightings.
The mammal sighting was poor to say the least on this visit, plenty sign of Water vole but no new otter sign, which has been the case regards regular fresh crap on the last few visits here.
Four Jays seen on this visit, all in the burn area. Checked the locals bird feeders on the outskirts of the Cotswolds/Colliery wood but alas nee Willow tit again seen here.
This blue flash rested briefly in the burn whilst flying around and returning to its favoured hunting spots.