Monday, 19 September 2016

A few from yesterdays ocean voyage.

Picked up upon a tweet a couple of weeks back advertising a pelagic going out from the Tyne on Sunday gone- too good to miss I thought at £35 for the full day! and also I hadn't been on a one for years so booked up.

 Really nice day had with the lads from over the water- the usual suspects bird wise and some great views at times.

 A few Sooty Shearwaters had,this one showed really well- interested in the gull gathering from the chum slick created from the boat.

 I think it's a first for me, getting any shots of Manx Shearwater settled on the water?  2 birds in feeding mode with Kittiwakes and a immature Little gull (not in the pic).
Skuas passing thro-  couple of Bonxies and also 2 Arctics..if my memory serves me well?

Missed out on the bird sweep stake (number of bird species seen from departing port to returning)  by one! Curlew seen close to the jetty taking the count to 35.

Hopefully I'll be on this one again next year.!