Monday, 23 March 2015

Back down Station burn again.

 Ventured yesterday back along the Don's bank again to Station burn. This time the sun god was out which made a change!. The first bird heard when I opened the car's door was Chiffchaff belting out his call, caught up with 6 in total along this stretch of the Don, 4 calling...none really fancied getting their photo taken.
 It was great to see 3 pairs of Greenfinches in the area, another bird that seems in decline in these parts.
 Two pair of Bullfinches at opposite ends of the burn, a possible 3rd pair but wasn't too sure.
 Robins and Wrens aplenty along with- 3 Grey wags (one pair and a single), Male Reed bunting singing, Heron stalking the frog pond, 3 male Chaffinches of note.
 My first Small Tortoiseshell of the year and 3 seen here this day.
 On the mammal front- Poor for Water vole,only seen the arse end of a one disappearing down a hole!
But I did pick up upon another 2 marking posts used by otter on this visit, counted 5 in total. The shot above is pretty fresh evidence maybe marked within the last few days.(wasn't there last weekend).
 One of the new one's to me in the above shot.
 Dropped into the Scotch est dene later yesterday morning and was gutted to witness this sight...Best part of the main meadow area has been destroyed by fire starters. Station burn and other local sites have also suffered such mindless,senseless vandalism over the last few weeks. This site was just recovering from 'wild horse' grazing after the council stepped in to prevent further use by horses damaging the vegetation here...Sickening as it's a great little spot for Butterflies in the summer months.

Popped back down Station burn today, for a quick once over after shopping duties with the better half in tow. Only a couple of Chiffies calling on this visit but the better half broke her 'duck' regarding seeing a Water vole after numerous style! Job done at last... Also our first Speckled-wood futterbye of the year.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Starting to wake up.

 It's been weeks since I ventured forth properly to visit a few local sites due to one reason or another. So yesterday one's arse decided to take a visit to Station burn , a section of the Don which the DWT have had a lot of involvement with over the years and a local stamping ground for a year or two. ;-).
 The two above shots of 'Ratty' do not do justice of the experience had on this visit here-  Spotted this Water vole swimming across the Don and then lost sight of it.Moved into a area that isn't normally accessible during the summer months and sat and waited. Within 5 minutes the vole was picked up feeding on the grass...( loads of vegetation etc. between us). After about 10 minutes of watching this mammal feeding it moved off into the Don's water, I lost sight of the vole briefly at this stage. It then surfaced again, climbing up a man-made bit of rubbish wrapped around a pipeline ..It then swam towards me before doing the usual 'plop' and disappearing under water...within 4 feet away.

 Frog love in the area.
 'Older otter sign'

Also today I caught up with the Water rail briefly reported first by Sid Gibson. Only the second time I've seen a one here!
This shot show's a Kit breeding on a ledge at Readheads landing last year. One of the adults has returned again this year to the same ledge despite all the work going off here.