Monday, 25 August 2014

This weeks few findings

 These 2 Arctic tern shots where taken last Monday on the southern side of the S/Shields pier, when I thought it was starting to hot up again here. How wrong I was...there's a good amount of splash sign on the south side of the pier(suggesting roost spot)  near the gate and like the photo's show some of the terns where using this area to rest up.
 After last Monday's visit it has gone unbelievably quiet around this patch tern wise. I've only managed a few visits since then due to family circumstances, but these one's have been slightly depressing to say the least regards sightings- Last Wednesdays visit - not a single tern on the beach. Yesterday I visited twice, the morning one was poor with only a few Commons feeding around the pier and a single adult Arctic rested up on Sandhaven ...this being the only tern here with hundreds of Herring gulls and a few GB-backs etc. the evening visit produced even less.
One of 3 Med. gulls seen along the Leas stretch on Sunday including the Marsden car park bird.(think I've shown enough shots of this bird. ;-) )

What has turned out to be a great season for all birds breeding wise, looks like a pretty poor one so far for this patch 'tern wise'. Speaking to a few local fishermen here and going off what they have told me..its sounds like the Mackerel haven't came in too often, which suggests the sprats and sand eels haven't either. It's a knock on effect.Hopefully a nice drop in will happen before they all go south.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Another memorable visit on this patch.

 And finally after umpteen trips, numerous coins fed into machines and a canny few hours put in around this patch.....I gets my first Roseate tern settled on Sandhaven for the year. I only rattled off a few distant shots after picking it thro- the bins, then checked the camera settings,looked up again and it was gone! Leaving its 60 odd companioning Common terns still settled here. Hopefully many more will follow after a great season on Coquet for these terns.
 And then another local lad told me about this little belter on the little beach ( Little Haven) as I was walking back towards the car park. I honestly could not believe what I was witnessing when I caught up with the bird. It was feeding in the shallows just off the shoreline, whilst kids, dogs and joe public just done their own thing here oblivious to this Black-necked grebe.
And the grebe didn't seem too bothered about their presence either. Great stuff!

Monday, 11 August 2014

More entertainment from Sandhaven.

 The above shots are from Saturday, when two visits where had to the golden sands. First off in the morning, about when the tide was about half way out. This venture was a waste of time due to disturbance from folk who should know better field craft wise. We are all guilty at times of pushing our luck, but it's knowing when to back off....especially on this public beach when its not too busy. The second visit around tea time this day  was more like I'm used to. Sitting on the rocks watching the terns antic's, which is a pleasure.

This evening-
 A tad on the windy side to say the least! but the beach was pretty much empty after 6 pm this evening. The only disturbance whilst I was here was one dog walker plus the wind blowing sand which spooked the rested terns at times on the beach at the high tide level.. Just one adult and juv. (above shot) Sandwich terns and the numbers of Common's remain about the same here on my visits. (30-50).

This evening's visit produced also- my first Arctic tern juvenile rested up here this year so far.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Just a few from the pier visits over the last couple of weeks.

 I've had a canny few short visits here over the last 3 weeks or so, just popping down for a hour or so when and if I could. As most know who view this blog its a special time of year on this local patch for myself, and many other locals and visitors alike who love seeing terns away from breeding sites relatively close( at times!) in the field so too speak.
Number's visiting Sandhaven haven't been too impressive to date...( these are my findings. hopefully some folk have faired better). I ain't reached over 20 Sandwich terns as yet, and doubt I will now landed here this year unless there's a 'big drop in' now.
Common tern numbers (3 shots above) .. As always the terns to entertain us here with sometimes 'Farne type views' . Best count so far...up to 80.
 Arctic's recorded on 3 visits, twice with 5 adults...nee bairns as yet.(top pic)
And yesterday two Little terns graced the beach, an adult and Juv. joined the terns rested up here...(.love the beach when the sun god doesn't smile too well ;-) )  Only seen Little terns on the beach here 3 times in a canny few years visits so it was a tad special in my eyes.