Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Cracking few hours out west on Sunday and a bit more local.

 Another impromptu jaunt on Sunday - out west for the first time this year resulted in my best count  of Black grouse seen to date. This after nearly coming a cropper on the St.Johns chapel to Langdon beck road, which the summit area was a tad naughty snow wise on this visit. So a bit of a detour via Stanhope followed-got there eventually....

In the usual fields to the north of the hotel- 33 males picked up (could well have been more) after a few counts from the car. Only 3 females and theses hid well.
 7 males near the Cow Green turn off - providing the closest views on this visit

And 15 males rested up just north of Langdon beck seen from on the St.Johns chapel rd. 

 Cow green
 Saturdays visit along the Don seems to have restored my belief - only the one really old 'glue- like' sign on this rock over a week ago and some great pics on the net of Water Vole sightings this week. Great local sightings along the Don wildlife wise.
The Green-winged teal at the flats on Saturday- closer!