Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Purple heaven!

Last Saturday I viewed Marsden bay just before the light began to fade, at least 17 Shags in the bay and many of them flying in to roost on the seaward side of the main rock here. No Fulmars on ledges and not many flying around here either and only a couple of Razorbills on this visit. But the Fulmars have returned again since this day.
On Sunday I saw 6 Brambling at the Westoe feeders! Another female was with finch flock, but since then I’ve only seen 3 birds whilst on the dog walk and topping up duties here.
Tuesday brought another site record for me whilst doing the pier patch, me and Ian Mc. viewed 25 Purple sandpipers in a single flock which flew in far the north side of the Tyne onto the north side of the pier to feed. Also a Kittiwake was hanging around the walkway here today….another first for us both this year.Single Great crested grebe towards Trow and over 20 Shags in the bay here along with numerous Cormorants.
Todays Little leg’s walk here produced 18 Purple Sandpipers, again the birds in a single flock and very vocal…not very approachable at all unlike the lower numbers we normally get here which do not seem bothered by human disturbance…More than likely the time of year has a lot to play in this.
Both these last pier visits have been made at the lower tide mark which accounts for hardly any other waders present.

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