Saturday, 1 December 2012

More Snow buntings!

 The question this morning was where to have a wander.??? Well, the Leas area has still been producing canny birds and it also has the benefit for me of getting the dog a good run, so off I headed in this direction.
After about a hour around the mound area here, there was no Shorties hunting or showing and quite frankly nowt much else either. Sless and Scuzz appeared soon after my futile wander and we decided to try the section of the cliff tops just south of Frenchmans bay which has produced winter buntings over the years. We met Vivien returning from this patch who informed us that 4 Snow Bunting were in the area...nice!
After wandering along the cliff tops to Manhaven bay here with no sign of the blighters we were about to turn back, when a couple of these belters put up, followed by 2 more just by the steps here.
They flew back towards Frenchmans bay and after a few disturbances by passing traffic along this coastal path they settled to feed in the near by grass.

One of only 2 Skylarks encountered on this visit, its more than likely heading south.
Turning around on the Leas road is not the easiest of manoeuvres and its recommended to head to the Marsden mini-roundabout to do so. If nowt else you can check if the resident winter Med.gull is present in the car park here.( take some bread).

No luck Owl related on this visit but the banter was excellent with many a friendly face on show.
Theres been no privacy in our bathroom the last few weeks, this lass has become a lodger here for now.


  1. Handy if the toilet brush fails, Seggs!!!

  2. Its just cleaning the poor thing later thats a bind...;-)