Sunday, 10 November 2013

Oh you little belter!

 Well I had decided this morning to have a little wander around the Slake and St. Pauls area of the Don in Jarrow, on the local 'Jarra lad's' patch. After being here for about 20 minutes and seeing next to nowt one of these lads rang to say they where on Shields pier watching a Red-necked phalarope! just ironic I thought!
 So it was a quick return to the mobile skip and thankfully none of the local law enforcement officers where about with the drive to the Pier car park..;-)

The bird was a pleasure to view and later in the day I was informed its a Grey phalarope. This after many a birder had visited and said nowt different. ;-). Ive only ever seen 2 Phals. both Grey's the last one was 27 years ago in Wallsend gut. So this was special!

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