Sunday, 15 December 2013

Couple of visits this week around the doors.

 A view from Whitburn cliff tops this afternoon, good numbers of Redshank's bracing themselves in the southerly wind. I had 't to admire their stance around the high tide mark on this visit.
 Now this is something I've not came across before. Whilst checking a stretch of the Don today for otter sign I came across this!. There's a spraint maybe a few days old and what looks to me like puke beside it on a regular marking spot on this river. Closer inspection revealed more or less what the spraint next to it  contained, except for more maybe stomach content ;-)....... I do wish I'd getting a better shot, tomorrow for seconds maybe?. Otter sign in another 2 regular spots along this stretch of the Don, roughly about the same ageing wise.Contact the Durham wildlife trust to take part in this years survey regarding otter sign and sightings', its changed my view on rocks etc. along the Don. So rewarding knowing we have these mammals within ST on a regular,permanent basis now.
Shields, Sandhaven rocks earlier this week.

There's no doubting this bird now. :-)  Marsden's very own resident winter Med. gull. returned for many a year.

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