Saturday, 11 January 2014

A few efforts from the last couple of outings.

 Popped back down to Jarrow again a couple of days back, this time the sun god was smiling.There was still around between 25-32 Waxwings (different numbers counted by folk) in the area of Saxon way along with over 10 Redwings and up to 8 Mistle thrushes, plus 3 Siskins and a male Bullfinch put in brief appearances.
 A good number of the Waxwings were doing their fly catching act, flying up and snatching insect on the wing from the tree tops.Always love to watch this behaviour from these birds.
 I couldn't manage to get over to Boldon all of yesterday to see these two belters, that had been spotted in a field east of the Greyhound stadium. So this morning when I was informed that they were showing well not that far from were they were originally picked up, me and the better half went forth.
After a small degree of difficulty finding the exact location we eventually found it.(cheers Phil). A fair number of folk were viewing to the east of the flooded field area and also some to the north side. The north side looked a better option and proved to be.

Stunning views had when we first arrived at the chosen vantage point.....and then it got better! The birds continued looking for food and edged closer and closer to where me and the better half, plus a few familiar faces stood. They appeared totally at ease and just went about their natural behaviour, not showing any signs of being distressed or put off by the presence of the folk viewing them from this vantage point.They eventually wandered off further away and then flew off a short time later. I didn't see them take off and only realised they had when somebody told me .As to why they did I couldn't honestly say.But I do know none of the folk around where we stood almost rooted to the spot caused these belters to fly off.

New tick for the better half and another magic moment for me...

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