Monday, 6 April 2015

Local waterways again.

 Just a few shots of some fantastic Water vole action taken on a couple of visits along the Don this week. Station burn seems the 'hot spot' at the moment but I've no doubt other sites especially more into the Boldons will be productive also.
 Four sighted on one visit in less than a quarter of a mile.
Two in the water together on one visit, a local dog walker put me/us onto these.

Checked on another couple of sites along the Don yesterday which seldom get reported upon. Fresh Vole sign in places but no way near the amount that the burn has.

No fresh Otter sign over the last week.
 Pair of Grey wagtails still around one section of the Don and a single male along another section.
 Plenty of Chiffchaffs calling now around these parts.
 Even more Wrens than usual it seems...?

Yesterday a pair of Willow tits were seen along one section of the Don, first I've seen around these parts for a couple of years.
 First and only Comma this year so far...seen twice in the same place. Plenty Peacocks and Small torts. on the wing yesterday.
And the Green invader from last week, it's only a matter of time. :-).

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