Monday, 29 February 2016

A few from the weekend and more.

 I paid a couple of visits this weekend to the Hebburn area after learning about Redpolls coming to feeders at a site I've never visited before (thanks Paul! ).Polls have been pretty low on the ground this winter in our area so thought I'll give it a try. Really pleasantly surprised with what has been created at the Monkton community woods. Nice woodland type walkways in a urban area and a viewing screen overlooking a feeding area which the locals and folk looking after this site seem to keep topped up.
 5/6 Lesser Redpolls on Saturday visited whilst here, but only one yesterday on a shorter visit. More around the area after reading a report from today!

 All the usual suspects visiting the feeders - another nice place to pop into when in the area!.the more eyes the better watching this area.
 Seeing Dabchicks (Little grebes) ain't that rare a sight really in ST ....but this pair on the Cockcrow pond (ok technically it's Gateshead) is something I hadn't seen before-not that I visit much and don't hear of any reports from here.

 And the best shot I've managed of the Green-winged teal at Boldon flats on Sunday- still distant but closer than any other visit.
 And my first Water Vole sighting for the year a few days back in Station burn, a couple of ripples of water encountered along this stretch of the Don before one showed briefly.
Couple of latrines found on this visit, hopefully more to follow in the coming weeks. No luck so far with fresh otter sign on the few visits so far this year here or the Scotchy dene-hopefully other folk have had better luck.

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