Sunday, 2 October 2016

This years Roseate tern experience on Sandhaven.

Unfortunately this tern season I've had no way near the amount of visits I usual make.Never the less I managed to double my count from last year(one adult and a Juvenile) on a couple of occasions this year, great stuff! ..but the canny counts from a few years back seem to be a thing of the past now.
This years show started on the 6th of August- with a adult and Juv.
Managed to get slightly better views-
Pity about the light for these one's.-

Next sighting was on the 14th of August- 2 Adults and 2 Juvs..(.this being the only occasion I seen 2 juvs this year).

On the 15th of August- 2 adults briefly on a morning visit and a adult and juv. seen from the pier side late afternoon.

On the 22nd of this month 3 adults and a juv. The paired Roseate terns didn't have any offspring with them but still displayed a bond. The beach was virtually empty on this visit (which, made a change) so the terns were pretty much settled allowing great views.

This years joy was over for me after the 4th of September when 4 adults graced the big beach on the morning , one of the birds having no jewellery on display. 
And on the evening visit this day 2 adults rested here. 

So it hasn't been the worst season ever for sightings here, hopefully some folk have had better numbers on this busy beach.  Wake me up again next July... ;-) 

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