Thursday, 13 January 2011

Crest of a wave

Back down the local walk this morning this time with the camera after yesterdays missed chance of local shots of a Great Northern.! And the weather was slightly better.
As usual nowt out of the ordinary in Marine park and even the duck numbers were down here compared to yesterday, most of them must have fancied a fly about on my visit today.
Onto the big beach and I picked 2 birds up just pasted the breakwater as soon as I got passed the Dunes. Made a bee-line in their direction and once I got close enough viewed them again…Not a diver this time but a pair of Great crested grebes which had drifted a little further out by the time I had reached the waters edge. Watched the birds for a while and in this time they even did a bit pair bonding, mirrow image head movements whilst facing each other. Another canny find here!
30 Ringed plovers with 30+ Dunlin, 15+ Sanderling and a handful of Turnstones on the rocks at the north end of the beach.
Along the Pier 7 Purple Sandpipers posed nice and close as they feed on the north side of the Pier and 3 Red throated divers between the Pier and Trow.
Two Adult Med. Gulls along the Leas both birds are regulars here.

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