Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The dog's doing's

For weeks now I’ve walked the local sites of Marine park and Sandhaven beach with basically nowt much to show for my efforts apart from Woodcocks a few weeks ago. Which never posed for my camera despite many a effort and me trying out stealth mode!
So I dragged the dog down again living in hope of something half decent turning up like you do every time you venture out. Again I tried turning one of the handful of Tuties into a Ring necked duck and one of the many gulls into something special like I do every time in Marine park but again it didn’t work. But 7 Pochard today was the highest number I’ve seen this winter here.
So walked along the Dunes to the pier and scanned the sea area, again pants here!
Max was getting restless by now so thought I would give him a good run on the beach. About mid way along Sandhaven the daft mut was chasing every bit of seaweed in sight…and there wasn’t many! Clocked a few Cormorants and Shags on the sea and in flight so thought I would give the sea a once over from here. Just passed the breakers a bird got my attention and in-between it diving and the waves obscuring my view I managed great views of my first Great Northern diver here.
Moments like this make the dog walk and plodding the local area special and make you frightened not to visit in case you miss owt!
Roll on the late summer for the Terns to grace this beach…..the tent will be pitched!


  1. The Camera not been out for while due the weather/light etc.

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