Sunday, 29 May 2011

Up north today.

Northumberland and its great birding locations have always been a great draw for myself and Jan...(geese lover) when we can visit. Its only across the Tyne from me and the "county" border of Durham has never bothered me regards birding(recording/lists etc.) and on most visits a great few hours can be had.
Today started with the a phone call off Davy F. (which woke me up as a few of us had sampled the delights of the Steamboat in S/Shields the night before) to inform me of a poss. Marsh warb. in the Don valley opposite St.Pauls. The little shit stopped singing 20 minutes before we arrived!..and after a visit later today didn't show either(not surprised due to the wind today). Davies experience and his knowledge of birds, along with knowing his local patch very well commands respect, a view that many of us have.
So over the water me and Jan ventured after this with Little legs in tow. First stop off was Hauxley, a while since I have visited here and had sadly forgot the arseholes had burnt the visitors centre down here!.. But a friendly face(seen the southern spoken bloke here a few times over the years) was on hand to guide us in the right direction for a "lifer for both of us".
I had not given in to temptation a while back to go for this wader at Saltholme area..but went for it today, and cracking views were had!..Tereks sandpiper.(Twitch.... me never!)
I have to say how friendly this visit here was..I was even lent a "huge" lens by a another photographer to take this record shot, this was after leaving the hide for the first time(with good scope views) and another lad shouting us back as the wader was showing better. Also great to see a young family here enjoying the bird life.
Budge screen at Druridge- Great views of 3 Spoonbills, all asleep when we first arrived and dispite the wind it was great to witness 2 of the birds feeding(spooning) in unison a little while later..
Cresswell- 6 adult Avocets...

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