Friday, 27 May 2011

This years Mull trip..part one

Its taken a while to sort out some of the photo's and get around to posting a report from this years trip to Mull. This year our lass Jan give up her place so that a couple of local lads(Dougie and Jason) could join me and pleased they did as the trip would have had to be cancelled for finance reasons if they had'nt. Another excellent week on the Isle of bliss was had!..Pity about the weather but you cannot have everything!...The photo's are in no order whats so ever. This Shortie was hunting near Grasspoint and never even flinched when I stopped the car beside it!.. we seen him 3 times thro- this week but never as close as this again.

Mrs Stonechat was far more showy than her mate at Fidden, again another shot from the car.

Our best count of Mountain hares came on the day we arrived, over 20 hares were around the Fidden best count ever here and the lads just could not believe the views they we getting of these!

Our last "cooked for meal" at Oban before getting on the ferry for Mull and you just have to give time to try for Black Guillemots in the harbour area here, along with a bit shopping for items that you forgot!..Dougie(walking boots!), Jason(moth trap, would have been a waste of time anyway due the weather etc.) and me soap etc.

The best shot I managed of a Otter this week here, and this was on our first afternoon on the Isle!.. we managed other views thro- the week and pretty sure Dougie will have managed a better shot of a one on loch na keal.

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