Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ups and downs.

Its been a few weeks since Ive updated the blog mainly due to other commitments etc. but after talking to a few folk today I thought I would pass on my observations etc.

Two weekends back my weekend( along with other like minded folks) was focused on helping the Coastal Conservations Groups fund raising issues. The National Trust allowed us again this year to man the gate to Whitburn Coastal park and apply a small cover charge for any vistors who where parking here for the GNR. I have to say some of the National trusts members even made a contribution along with other local folk who where exempt to the parking charge here once they knew all the money went back into improving our area. I thank everyone!!!!.

The lads continued to ring during the Sunday morning here and a cracking Pied Flycatcher was the highlight.

Last weekend- Saturday

Visited Trow first off-

Two Little Owls on show, one of them I am certain is the bird from the other end of the quarry (bad foot) so the Little owl debate here continues ...

About 12 Wheatears passed thro- the first bay whilst we where here about mid-day..ish. a movement of birds not reported by other lads visiting here today regards numbers etc.

Sandwich terns feed off the bays, about 8 of them.

A single Knot still present over the last few days here.

And Jan and myself enjoyed the sight of over 100 "Pinkies" going south over here along with 3 Brent geese in the formation. (The lass does get excited with geese.)

Whitburn steel visit followed this day-

Highlights beeing- 2 Barwits, 2 Purple sandpipers and loads of returning waders. Except for the numbers of Sanderling, this hopefully will change in the coming weeks.

This Med. gull seemed in a bad way, no idea what this is sticking out of the bird??

Possibly my last shots of terns on our soil until next year...From Whitburn last week.

A certain Sandhill crane passed thro- our boro on Thursday, some lucky gits managed to connect to the bird whilst the rest of us looking out for it "Dipped" the Murphies "I'm not bitter"..(Lucky S**tbags).


Travelled to Hawthorn dene with Jan and Max, nowt great here but a nice short walk( tad early yet for here me thinks). This was after hearing about a Yellow-browed ringed in the coastal park early doors. So continued south(daft lad) for a few brief visits to Saltholme's carpark hide, Dormans, Zinc road and Ward Jackson park....Pants really but a nice trip out, great to catch up with a few familar faces and have a rattle in the short time we where here.

On the return journey home Jan mentioned calling into the Coastal park (after Jas had let me know of a re-trapped Yellow-browed). What a result this turned out to be!

In the short we where here a Willow tit (only the second recording at this site of this species I know of) was bagged!. Also our first Redwing of this winter.

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  1. Hi Steve, That could be the same Med Gull photographed by Mark Newsom and it turns out it is the birds tongue that is protruding through the soft part of the lower bill, as odd as it sounds !!!