Thursday, 13 October 2011

What a bird!

Opening day on pub I've been working on and as expected ...Madness! some contracts just run in nicely whilst others its a headless chicken effort at the end. This one was a bit of the latter mentioned, more like a car boot sale with seats etc. out on the pavement during the morning. But did get my first Fieldfares for this winter over the Mackem land about 30 birds passing over the city centre, whilst going for a sarnie at 10 this morning.
Around dinner time I had put my phone on charge away from the area I was working in. Viewed it on passing 10 minutes later and felt sick... "Blue tail" netted and release time 12.45. (Cheers Mark).
A few brief conversations followed at work after viewing this news ...."Sorry have to have my dinner break now!" and off I it or lump it.
This time scale and how this came about I am sorry I could'nt pass the info. on to others.(which I try to do always).

Mobile phone shots.

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