Saturday, 5 November 2011

Snow Bunts!

A couple of texts today alerted myself and others to a few Snow buntings around the Whitburn coastal park, 4 beeing the best reported. Great news! So headed down there to go in search after missing out last weekend after Neil F's. text last Sunday regarding 4 around the pier area, which I was pretty miffed off about whilst on the NT organised walk and never caught up with...(cheers Neil all the same)
But for once "lady luck" delt me a kind hand today.Popped down to the ringing hut and me and Davy G. went down to the area the birds had been in, met Mr Hogg here and before long a fly over Snow bunting was had...Mr Hogg was over the moon with this as a year tick, but better followed!. A further 11 birds flew up and landed close, at least two full adult males with them.

I know it will be a good cause .........but nee way! The lighthouse today had folk queuing to ascend and get down this way!

This one is from last weekend at Whitburn, thought I would include as I don't think ive seen 3/4 Herons here before?...

Light was bad this morning/lunch time but a pleasure to see and hear these belters.

This afternoon with Max in tow(had him all day) i walked the length of the Leas along the coastal path and the return journey along the Leas hedge. Some interesting Fungi. That was it!

Interesting at the ringing hut latter on...

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