Saturday, 12 November 2011

What a bird for ST.

At the end of a great few hours around the doors today, Mr Hogg got a phone call from Dennis.S. whilst we viewed the Brents just north of Souter. This call had a few of us getting down to the Whitburn lodge car park asp." Possible/probable " Nightingale picked up here.

After "hot" footing down here with Dougie (collected from the ringing hut) and Jan left with Max here. Dennis and a couple of other lads picked the bird up as me and Dougie left.!

But lady luck was our side as we returned to the car park, me and Dougie picked the bird up again in the original spot it was first seen... A strange one this,.behaviour wise .

What a cracking sight seeing Brents feeding along the leas.!(for the second day)

For the third year in a row ive managed to see Bewicks at Boldon....a first for Jan even after visiting Norfolk a few years back.

What an excellent few hours....thanks to all for the up dates.

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