Thursday, 1 March 2012

SAFC Academy.

A stroll down to the Academy pools today after reading of a Drake Scaup present on BF. Thankfully the bird was still present when me and Max arrived. Nothing much else of note around the pool areas except for a few Reed buntings.

The return leg via the east side of the training pitches was a reminder that spring is just about upon us. A few Skylarks singing and about a dozen Linnets flitting about plus a few more Reed buntings near the mounds of grass cuttings. About 8 Meadow pipits in the area also. This male Stonechat flew along the fence line before feeding around the grass mounds

Then a Pied wagtail got my attention nearer the entrance. He flew up and another bird followed…this Snow bunting. This bird was of the showing type and was hardly bothered by mine, the dogs and a few other folks presences here.

Dropped into Lizard point on the way home. About 16 pairs of Cormorants look to have started to take up residence so far on Jack rock. Plenty of courtship and pair bonding taking place along with repairs to nests. No Razorbills or Kittiwakes arrived to these cliff sides as yet.

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