Saturday, 10 March 2012

Toad in the........Tool bag.

Today” has to go down as one I doubt I will forget in a hurry.
A nice bloke (the huge list, whose postal address should read-c/o Whitburn Bird Observatory) alerted me to a mass of amphibians on the prowl by the Whitburn point LNR. This morning.
Me and Max headed down late morning and eventually ventured along the coastal path between the “Obs” and the northern end of the Nature reserve. I’ve never seen so many Toads in my life, they where all over the place!, many on the path and many more in the grassed areas here beside the wall. I then met a bloke known as the “Toad man” locally here who was “bagging” the little hoppers. After a brief conversation with Alan my gear (and the dog) got put in the car for a half hour to help the lad out. The only bag of sorts I had in the car was an old one that had all manor of screws, fixings and shite basically in it, the contents got tipped in the boot and off I went.
In less than 30 minutes I had bagged 62 Toads and Alan whilst here had collected 185. They all got a helping hand and where released beside the established pond within the LNR.
And this is just the start I was told to a 3 week Toad frenzy!

The completed stone viewing screen viewed from the south end of the LNR across the existing pond.

Had a quick look at Jack rock area (Lizard Point) and Marsden bay on the way back and pleased to see Razorbills(30+) in small rafts along with larger numbers of Kittiwakes( 80+). First time I’ve seen either just off the shore like this here this year. (Mr Scott did canny yesterday).
Caught up with the Marsden Med. Gull also: This time it was on the southern end of the Leas, looking really nice now in almost full summer plumage.

And last stop off was to check on the Shields inland Kits site. One bird on the nest ledges and one flying around the building.

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