Sunday, 18 November 2012

On ya bike mate...

 Being a Internet "dick-head" at times sure does pay off especially when these are seen on the door-step and posted on Face book by a local Shields lad...Nice one G.Sless!  Got my arse onto the Leas later today(with little legs) and enjoyed a fantastic views of this bird hunting around the mound area.
 The killing gear on show
 Coming at ya...
 Rested up and thinking about the next area to quarter.
 Finally after many hunting dives the shortie lifted with a kill as the light faded. (vole...). What a pleasure to watch a Short-eared Owl hunting here again on this stretch of our coastline... Up to 4 have been seen around here this week by none Internet users...( reliable sources).
 And aye.. I was right! the better half wanted to see the Bee-eater so joined the massive around the suburban area a couple of weeks back....Cracking views away from the streets and houses at times, when the bird settled in a near by tree!
 And....a few weeks back I ventured to Whitburn looking for wader action around the high tide mark. Plenty of action but short lived by ignorant folks wandering around here.

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