Saturday, 26 January 2013

Back again.

Its seems like ages since i was out and about and posted last on this blog. (it is and has been!). The new year week was a write off due to being struck down with the 'bathroom bug' for almost 7 days! Mind this sorted the Christmas excesses out big style,and the toilet roll stock pile our lass had amassed...enough said me thinks.!

The last time i had a serious look around the doors was the ST bird race day which seen 4 teams taking part this year, an excellent turn out for this event after recent years when only a handful of folk have turned up and showed a interest. Moans and groans are still being heard about this years race and will do for a while (as per- the normal) but it just goes to show how folk remember this day. The wooden spoon award went to our team..dipping the likes of Reed bunts, Yellowhammer, Snipe, Tree spug. and Little Owl to name a few. But a cracking and knackering day around the doors with good company to say the least!

So today i picked up the camera and bins and headed for the Leas area with a hour or so to spare.

 The numbers of waders using this area was apparent almost as soon as i left the car and headed towards the mound area. Canny selection in this shot above, especially of the Purple variety, first time ive managed a shot away from our beaches etc. of these birds!. . one knot also flew over.
 Birds and photographers etc. this series continues whilst watching .
 Common gulls... just a lovely looking bird in my eyes. Numbers probably peaking around these parts at the moment.

Marsden car park Med. gull looking great in the snow and as friendly as ever.
 Harton cem. produced great views of winter thrushes on a few drive around's..

On a final note sadly Max has been put to sleep a few weeks back.
This new kid is now dragging me around the local area when i can get out!


  1. Sorry to hear about Max, Steve. He still seemed full of beans when I met you at Woodhorn for the red squirrels.

    What's the name of your new dog? Looks full of character.

    Anyway, all the best. Hope to bump into you – and your new dog – in the year ahead.


    1. We could'nt trust Max any longer Malcolm due to his aggression which had increased over the last year. After he went for me and Jan in the same week we had't to have him put to sleep. The vet backed us fully with this heartbreaking decision.

      Bobby's the name of the Cocker spaniel we have now and hopefully will be out and about with me around the doors more often in the near future.

      Hope to catch up again soon Malcolm.