Sunday, 27 January 2013

The splenders of Hartlepool

 Another one of those 'where do you fancy ?' moments this morning between me and Jan trying to pick a area to visit today for a few hours. Waxwing hunting around Washington? , Geese viewing in Northumberland ?or....a trip down to Hartlepool.?? these where the suggestions i put forward. Hartlepool got the nod because its a while since we visited and a certain Grebe has been showing well.
 The Slavonian grebe showed really well doing a circuit of the boats moored behind the Travel inn here on our arrival! After this it tended to hang about the centre of the marina area here. Stunning bird and by far our best views to date of this species in winter plumage.
 The Black-throated diver had done a one before we arrived due to the boys playing on thier sailing boats here today we were informed ,and I only seen 5 Red-breasted Mergansers flying in when we first left the car,these were never located again. Great banter here with the folk viewing the bird.. ;-)
Another reason for visiting this neck of the woods was hopefully to get Jan onto Ring-necked Parakeets in Ward Jackon park. A task ive tried twice before with our lass but have failed on each visit with her in tow. Third time lucky today!  About a dozen birds showing not far from the toilet block area and very vocal.
Job done! ..Now a ST bird has to be had.

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