Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Serial Trillers

 Its April.....honest!..I had thought I might have been posting Wheatears or Chiffchaff on here by now not these winter beauties....
But nope, so far hardly any of the white rumped summer migrants have been sighted along our coastal area as yet, and hardly a 'Chiffing' thing heard or seen.
So when I was kindly informed that these bellters were still hanging around this morning (after being sighted yesterday), well we just had to go and have a look being only minutes away in the car in South Shields.
First pass and none were in view, second time lucky!.  32 had been sighted first thing this morning feeding on a canny number of berries left on the trees and this our second visit here, 18 birds showed.

We did a 3rd pass this afternoon and at first no birds to be seen and then 9 came over the roof tops and started to feed here. The visit was cut short when the the birds flew up onto a ariel before flying off again...the reason? the local Spuggyhawk bombed through seconds behind them.

As Jan was returning to the car she over heard some woman passing by saying to her companion- ' I hope they aren't taking pictures of bairns' referring to me and Ian mc. (who had his little lad present in his buggy). Thankfully this woman's companion reassured her that the cameras were being pointed at birds. The joys of urban birding and busy public places...! ;-)

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