Saturday, 13 April 2013

Todays adventures.

 This afternoon I ventured into a place that brought back many a childhood memory, a section of the Don that Ive not been to for many a moon. I think the last time I was by this section of the Don's bank I left with wet feet after falling in here from on a rope swing. ;-)  or chased because of venturing onto private land . I honestly didn't recognise this site as its matured over the years from what I remembered.
My reason mainly for this visit was to check for Otter sign with the survey organised by the Durham wildlife trust taking place next weekend and its within the the patch area Ive been allocated to survey.

That square looking stone in the above picture spot!
 Pretty fresh spraint and remains of older shit... This made the visit well worth while, not to mention my first Chiffy of the year calling in this area and a couple of male Bullfinch's of note.
 Bobby got a warm welcome here from these 'not too pleased' pair here.
 Sleepy Tawny from Whitburn today, well hidden...sort of.
 Another spot I dropped into today, the Lakeside ponds. This is the south pond here which is vastly over grown since this privately owned site has not been managed and looked after for the anglers. Looking good in my eyes! the other lake here still has open water and attracted a Great-crested grebe last year for a short time, which was an excellent bird for inland Jarra! Second Chiffy of the year calling here.
 Whilst in these parts today I ventured a little further onto the West pastures area. Knowing what this notorious area is like for dodgy folk I was surprised to see hardly any cars parked up or the same ones passing up teem times...( before anyone says owt...No I wasn't disappointed ).
Two of the fields in this area were lifting with Fieldfares! ...impossible to count but estimate 200-300.
The pond area held a few Wigeon and Teal still along with 20 or so Pied waggies and this White waggy. Also 2 Buzzards soared in the distance towards the Wardley area.

Not a great day for photos but a canny visit around the doors never the less.

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