Saturday, 19 April 2014

Marsden bay this morning.

 My first wander down onto this beach today, since our sea birds returned to this fantastic site for the breeding season this year...Shameful I know!..Brilliant to watch the antic's of the Kit's and Fulmars pair bonding again along with the sound created...(the smell will come later. ;-) ).
 Lots of begging going off from nest ledges until returned mate's 'coughed up' a tasty treat.
 A few territory disputes still raged with the birds here, a few times some locked bills and tumbled to the ground still in battle.
What was more concerning was it looks like their numbers here have declined again. The main area around the Grotto especially to the south didn't seem to hold any birds compared to the last few years. But the area to the north of the bay by Camels island seems to be increasing Kit wise, counted 30 possible active nests here today along with 2 possible Fulmars. The Cormorant numbers seem low also this year along our coastline.

 Razorbill numbers seem about the same as the last few years, only one maybe two pairs looking to nest on the main cliff line above the beach.

Only seen 2 Sand martins above the old nesting holes today, hopefully more will return.
Lovely hour or so on these sands and he enjoyed it too.

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