Sunday, 27 April 2014

Poxy weather for otter sign.

 This weekend was the Durham wildlife's trust survey weekend for volunteers to take to local waterways and plod the patches allocated for a few hours over the two days. Unfortunately the water levels along the Don in Jarrow was high on Saturday morning, which was expected, but still you have to try.
 The two shot's above are of a area of the Don that is looking great! thankfully its been seldom visited (by the look of the undergrowth/ path etc.) by foot traffic. Deemed this too dangerous today to re-check.
 Another section of the Don that's hardly touched upon. This one is in a pretty urban environment, lodged between housing estates and is less than a mile in length, but sign has been recorded here before. ;-)
And it was the 'only' site I picked up sign in this with prints.
 Primrose LNR yesterday morning.
 NO rocks or mud visible yesterday.
 Wren's nest hanging over a public path.
 Pair of Long tailed tits feeding young.
Chiffy, one of 8 calling along the stretch visited, along with Blackcaps and Willow warbs.  yesterday.

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