Sunday, 18 May 2014

Out west.

 Cracking morning on the higher path at Tunstal, Pied flys. aplenty busy feeding young.

 A 'duller' male Pied fly.
 The only male Redstart I encountered on this visit.
 Newly fledged Long-tailed tit trying its best to be a Tree creeper.
 Picked up 2 male Spotted flys. calling along the path also. Sadly no Wood warb. seen or heard, hope it's just my luck here for this species.
 Red Grouse chick from the roadside over the moors.
Windy conditions hampered looking for these little belters today around the Muggleswick area.Three showed at a regular site briefly, but didn't settle ..alas the best of a bad bunch of shots.

Male Ring ouzel seen briefly in flight at Bollihope and also a Cuckoo heard.


  1. Hi Steve me n jarrow doug were same places on Thursday. We dipped on ring ousel and spottie. Got sandpiper, white wag and snipe as a bonus. Saw 5 cuckoo in total. Hope yous enjoyed your day as much as I did.

  2. Nice set of images.....loving the young "Treecreeper"