Monday, 30 June 2014

A few from today and last weekend.

 This pair of Broad-bodied chasers led me a merry dance trying to get any type of shots today. But brilliant to watch with the female ovi-posting under the watchful eye of the male who grabbed on a few times (wheeling) whilst she flew around the pond.
 It's a female blue dam. that's all I know.
 Close encounter of the Small skipper kind.
 And yes its a bird...pretty unusual for this blog at the moment with me mucking about with the macro lens and the lack of subject matter lately. 'Pished' this Whitethroat out after it showed an interest in me, love doing this for a few minutes at the right time of year.

All the above shots are from the Scotch est. dene today, plenty Browns and a few Blues on the wing. No sign of Dingies (as expected) and the Banded dem's here didn't show well either.

The shot's below are from the Whitburn coastal park.
 This Blue had my novice head baffled today, don't think I've ever seen a female Common with so such much blue colouration  before (without some brown colouring also). And then I checked the British butterfly site, oh aye, its a minefield still id wise...
 Plenty Browns on the wing over the last couple of weeks.(Meadow brown above).

And below- Flowers!  Three of the 4 species (I think) of Orchids in the coastal park.
And a new tick for me..Pyramidal.


  1. Some nice images, i presume with your macro lens. Which one did you go for ??.

    1. Most of them Johnny, bar the BB chaser shots and the Whitethroat one taken with the 400mm. Went for the Canon 100mm is. lens after great advice.