Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Duck feeding today on Marine park

A text this morning from Ian McAlpine alerted me to a duck I've never seen before on Marine park lake, so me and Max got down there as soon as we could to have a look. The Drake Mandarin was rested up on the island here on this visit and showing no signs of moving, so we headed around one of Max's regular walks...back of the Fair and the Pier area. Not as many Wheatears here today as yesterday but still managed to see 4 along with over 30 Carrion crows which in this number here is a unusal sight! A few Sandwich terns passed over the Pier and also fed off Sandhaven, too far off for the camera plus the Pier was closed today for maintenance. The drake was still rested up when we returned from the beach but had a canny rattle with the couple of Park Wardens who try to look after the sites.They clocked the Mandarin yesterday but were not sure about the ID a 100% and had googled last night for further info.
Jan on hearing of the bird still being around "Forced" me to revisit a couple of hours later and he was showing much better this time.
Many a visitor enjoyed viewing the bird today here and I hope he sticks around for more to view. The last one we had in South Tyneside also showed well at the Primrose LNR Jarrow about this time of year last year.
A few Chiffchaffs also in the park .
And this shot was taken on a section of Waskerley way on Sunday, whilst a lovely walk in fine weather our target species of Adder was not seen.

The day went from bad to worse!..visited Stanhope and the place was packed, only to be expected here on a nice day. Over the moors and every speed freak was out and about this day! constantly "buzzed" from behind whilst driving slow to try and view the wildlife. And then we arrived at Bollihope's parking area, OMG never seen nowt like it! packed to the brink with van's,car's and sellers trying to sell their wares. Only a Motor-cross event going off here today! Petrol heads using this lovely area to get a buzz, this really hacks me off when other sites can be turned over for this type of use without disturbing wildlife.

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