Friday, 15 April 2011

Saves me a inland hunt!

Another alert this morning to male Ring Ouzel in Trow quarry from Ian(the bloke lives here) McAlpine had me, Jan and Max heading down there. We did plan to go up north but the weather sort of put us off and we were at a lose end until this alert. When we arrived Ian was still in the quarry and the bird showed well giving Jan her first good views of a male and my best for a few years. We did see a one on the Leas last year but she only got brief views of it and had't to take my word for it. Not bad at all a Male and a Female in the same week on local soil!..saves trying to find them inland. This afternoon had a trip down to the Coastal park to give Mr Brown a hand with ringing here, he'd had a canny tally this morning and it was interesting to see that Chiffs had come through the trapping area at a different time to Willow warblers. We only had 2/3 hours here this afternoon and 2 Willow warbs and a old ringed Blue tit were netted. Plus a dog damaged one of the nets when its owner opened up a section of area blocked of with cut down bushes etc. to allow it to run through..!When John challenged the owner, the owners reponse was" Well the dog wanted to go in"....Some dog owner eh! Drake Mandarin continues to grace Marine park lake with many a curious look from joe public in its direction.Not surpising really as all we are used to here normally are Mutes,Tufties,the odd few Pochards this time of year along with Mallard mixes and a few domestic types. Plus the hundreds of Herring gulls.
Had a look at the SAFC academy the other day and it was poor really but 30-40 Sand Martins were bombing the pools which give me another chance at trying for fast moving bird shots. A couple of keepers from plenty "right click deletes" a bit better light and the ratio might have been higher...I will be back..

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