Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Reeeeeeeeeeeeely great!

This Grasshopper warbler was showing brilliantly this morning on the Leas mound for a bird that is at times hard to see. His call could be heard half way across the Leas as I approached the mound...what a pleasure it is to hear a one back here again this year. Hope he sticks around! he should do as I seen another one not so easy to see on the other side of the mound..a Mrs Gropper probably.

OH my god its early! a cry from Robin Williams and I know how he felt this weekend! both days over the weekend a few of us have have been down to the Whitburn coastal park at 5.30am. to give support at the ringing station here. I eventually woke up properly at about 6.30ish after being in zombie mode after getting out of bed and turning up here. But the crac was good and the sight of a pair of Peregrines on Sunday really made the effort worth the experience of seeing birds up close. This Gropper(above) had been reeling around the ringing mound for a while before being caught.

The hut with a few late commers on Sunday morning, its a hard job standing around talking and drinking tea etc. Still yet to be offered a Bacon buttie.(been tea'd up to hilt mind on every visit) Even thro- I have helped re-paint the hut and secure the solar panel on the roof. A cook will be placed here come the Autumn I hope or a burger van with profits going to the Coastal Conservation Group..or helping John regards costs etc.

And this little bugger has shit all over my wing mirrow the last couple of visits to Safc's Academy parking area but I forgive him as he's got male problems at the moment.

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