Monday, 20 June 2011

Nest box making CCG style..

A few days back myself and John went down to a couple of local shields based timber merchants to aquire wood to knock up nest boxes. After viewing the timber in one outlet (which looked like it had been just floated up the Tyne!) we got a good deal from Ashley's....this was after explaining why we wanted the timber and the work our group is involved in. Also the threat of not using them again for any future work I am involved in seemed to have helped!...Ive known a few of the lads here for years...sound bunch.

The nest boxes are being made for sale at a few of our various planned involvements along the coastal patch and also to be erected in a few sites within our boro. All the proceeds from this venture will go back into the Coastal Conservation Groups kitty so we can continue to help nature and our area. At £3 a piece they are great value for money. A great effort in a few hours which resulted in 43 boxes being knocked out...a few sold already!

The main man arrived later and was quickly "suited" for this task...a paint brush in hand and off he went!..coating the boxes further. Well there's nee way a power tool was going to be placed in his hands! Many thanks to the National trust for allowing us to use the lighthouse to produce the boxes and thier involvement with the group.

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  1. looks like you have an efficient production line there.
    good to have caught up with you & John.