Sunday, 5 June 2011

Twitch never!

After the twitch for last Sundays Terek sand in Northumberland I twitched another 3 times this week!....I know its not like me but a couple of them were not for birds and are on my door step so to speak and I hadn’t seen any of them before.

The first one was for a butterfly in an area of Colliery woods in Boldon which I have tried to see here over the last couple of years with no success. So when a nice sunny day arose I tried again, this time I got the buggers!.South Tyneside’s only site for Dingy skipper as far as I know.

The second one was a bird, this time I had to travel to Blackhall rocks a place I hadn’t been to before but will be back as it’s a cracking site.
The Surf scoter drake showed well with a scope despite the heat haze hampering views. Spot the American in this poor record shot...!

Well a trip down this way cannot rule out dropping in to see the Little tern’s at Crimdon which it didn’t as Max was with us and needed a good run (away from the terns before anyone asks).

The final one was plant related and not far from St.Pauls in Jarra. It took me about 10 minutes to find the plants (about 6 of them). I must have walked past them 3 times! But glad I ventured as the Bee orchid is a stunning sight, how I have to find the ones on the Leas!.

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  1. Well you can't say your interests are not varied mate :-)