Friday, 10 June 2011

This weeks wanderings...

Well I think most folk aready know about this mega that turned up in Hartlepool headland at the beginning of the week.
I turned on the pc on Monday morning and scanned a few of the normal bird sites and was gob smacked to learn a White throated Robin had been caught by the local ringer here!...My twitching right leg started to move..."only my left" as the right is a patch faithful one..By dinnertime the both of them were giving me a real irratable feeling.By early afternoon as I watched the reports coming in on BF and RBA both my legs started to give me real grief!(confused! I was also.) My head over ruled them and I am glad I didn’t venture down that way late afternoon after seeing the “Window cleaners and builders” convention that had gathered to help a mass of birders see over a 8-10ft. private garden wall.!. Many a birder got a view thankfully but a few I know turned away in dismay at this sight…think I would have as well. When I turned the pc on Tuesday morning to see the Robin was still present and the Doctor had opened his garden all my bodily functions worked in unison…and off we all went on agreement. 10 minutes standing in the lovely garden with about 60 other birders and the bird was in the bag….another record shot for the collection.

A wander along the pier yesterday started to remind me of last years feelings with terns feeding just off here. Not seen a Rosy yet thro-.

Two singing Reed warblers at the Acdemy pools....first time Ive managed any type of photo of in ST. cracking sound....!

Still yet to see a Fulmar chick this year on watched ledges normal very hard to see young sometimes until they are large grey ugly looking things!(in my eyes anyway).

A few of our group had a nice "out of hours" visit to the Washington wwt last week ....really nice to have the place to ourselves and see the two pair of Avocet families here along with all the other attractions the site has to other.

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