Friday, 3 February 2012

Here Wear go again.

Had a hour or so again today at the mouth of the Wear, its been a week or so since I visited last. Plenty lads fishing here again but hardly any gulls flying about whilst I was here. Could have been because it was high tide... I don't know?.. Canny few gulls rested up on the south pier area. After about 20 minutes I picked up a Juv. Iceland flying towards the fish quay area, that was the last I seen of this bird on this visit. Then walked around to the Marina area and the Adult Iceland gull circled a couple of times here before heading off ...last I seen of this one also on this visit.

Back at the old pier, a couple of Purple sandpipers feeding with the Turnstones here.

And a couple of Harbour porpoises between the piers which was a nice.

Dropped into the Marsden car park on the way back, no sign of the Med. gull (not seen it for a couple of weeks now). But around 70 Jackdaws had taken over the grassed area here mostly in small groups.

Quick look in Harton Cem. before heading home- looks like this Stock dove had a lucky escape from a predator not long back.

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