Thursday, 2 February 2012

Like waiting for a bus!

First time Ive ventured down the big beach area(Sandhaven) for a few days this morning. Nowt exceptional in Marine park as I passed thro- except for getting "hacked off" about the about of bushes and shrubs being cut down to just over a metre high. This has occurred around the area I am living now also, the contractors explained when I asked about this- " Women especially feeling un-safe about dick heads lurking behind these whilst they walk past". Shame but that's the way it goes, the council is taking no chances.
So once on the dunes area today I picked up a few birds high up on the beach area....a few Dunlin and 10 or so Ringed plover. The south side of the pier was no resting place for waders today as the sea lashed against it.
A large flock of small waders "put up" as I approached the pier from the beach....Sanderling in numbers Ive not seen here so far this Winter! managed to count 73 birds (when they rested up for a short time). In fact this could be my largest count to date here! Another local lad had almost 60 of these birds here a couple of days back Ive just found out today, looks like a movement of these birds starting to take place.

The average count over the last few months has been around 10-20 Sanderling, which is lower than normal but Whitburn has had better numbers.

One bird did have signs of being colour ringed/flagged but only a green band(or what was left of a flag) was showing on its leg and I couldn't see any other rings.

Cracking sight love these little waders!

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