Sunday, 28 July 2013

Flipping heck, Arctics galore !( for here).

 A short walk along Shields pier today resulted in my best count to date ever of Arctic terns rested on Sandhaven beach, all 27 of them with 5 Juveniles included in this figure. Before today I don't think I've  reached double figures of this species ( if my memory serves me well?) whilst counting the rested terns around this area, so this was a real treat!
The better half was left seated on the pier with the dog as I clambered over the rocks to get a better count and a few shots, something she's used to this time of the year with the dog ban being in place. Mind this wasn't too bad for her as we could hear the Christians playing in Bents park on the pier, a bit better than listening to Rick Astley me thinks.

The 5 Arctic tern juv's weren't ringed but a few of the adult birds were so maybe these birds aren't Farne,s birds?? . The group didn't hang around long despite the beach being almost empty today and were seen flying off when I got back onto the pier. About 15 Common terns( 4 juv's) rested up here with the Arctics and only a couple of Sandwich terns.

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