Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Numbers starting to build.

 Visited the 'hallow turf' that is Shields pier for me this time of year, at around mid-day for about 40 minutes today. Plenty Common terns noticed fishing off the lower section of the pier and 30 rested on Sandhaven rocks between the groups of kids doing a bit crab searching etc. Sandhaven also held 3 Sanderling (first one's I've seen here for a while) along with a few gulls on the un-populated areas by folk enjoying this  beach.
 Along with the rested terns on Sandhaven the pier rocks also held this species of tern on this visit, this area gives excellent views from the walkway most birdy type folk know.. ;-)
 In total I estimate about 50-60 Common terns around this area today on this short visit, and roughly about a third of them being juveniles.( non seen ringed).
 I also heard and seen my first Auk bairn for this area, today just off Sandhaven. This juvenile Guillemot was off Sandhaven giving out its 'begging' cry', the haunting sound went on all the time I was here, but no adult showed sadly.
Seen a splashing going off a canny way out.... Is it a Dolphin, Porpoise or even a small type Whale???.! the thoughts that ran though my head before disappointment set in when the bins where raised... Nope its just another seemingly nutter out for a swim between the end of the pier area and Trow area.? ( No back up regards boat crew following etc.)

Happy news today, 77 pairs of Roseates on Coquet Island this year (check the blog) . Hopefully S/Shields will be graced again this year...
Yours Faithfully
Living in hope.

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