Sunday, 14 July 2013

This weekends adventures

 Its been 3 years since I last had a visit to the spectacular site that is Bempton cliffs, the last time the weather wasn't so kind. So off I went on Saturday with the sun god smiling on this trip.
 Still blown away by the sight of these cliffs, but seeing them covered in nesting sea birds is a sight to behold!
 The main reason why I traveled to this site was to let Jan see nesting Gannets, something shes's not witnessed before 'in the flesh' and also she's never been here before. The sight of thousands of Gannets flying around especially over the sea at times was just awesome!

 One of the RSPB wardens at this site was a little taken-a- back when we had a rattle to him (whilst watching and listening to 'jingling keys'..... Corn buntings). 'Most folk come here to view the Puffins' he mentioned, 'Not us its the Gannets, the Farne's are the place for close encounters of the Auk kind'  I replied.
 Down Station burn again today, a bit of a impromptu visit this one as I had planed on walking the dog else where but dived into here at the last minute. The Banded demoiselles put on a good display again and this time in 3 different areas of this stretch of the Don (one new position here for to me).

 Ovipositing taking place, and again many a scrap going off. About 8 males and 5 females viewed on today's visit here.
The Scotch est. dene was visited also on this venture today. Banded dems. also doing well here along with countless butterflies in the re-generated grassed areas, the horses have done this site a good turn. ;-).
The newly formed pond created here had 2 male Broad-bodied chasers battling almost constantly over this small area of open water, and they hardly settled at all in the time of this visit. A female showed twice here and one of the males quickly latched onto her in the 'wheel position', she later went into 'dipping mode'.

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