Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nice to see you's again!

 Well the anticipated first sighting of post-breeding Roseate tern around the pier and Sandhaven for me ended today. I was just by the gate, after checking out the rested Common terns on Sandhaven rocks, when the sound of a Juvenile calling was picked up......Bliss!  And sure enough an adult joined in, calling a little further out.
And then they both landed in a regular visited area of the pier for this species over the years. Just before the bend on the south side, the area the waders favour here at high tide to rest up. Speaking of which- first 2 Purple Sandpipers and 4 Dunlin for me at this time of year and also 4 Sanderling and 6 Turnstones.
Needless to say the Bob was tethered to the handrail whilst I sat on the pier side, something he'll get used to. 
 Sundays pier visit had a few small surprises. A few of the Common tern bairns where landing on the walkway in between the 'foot traffic' here at times, giving almost 'Farne' type experiences for the general public.
This Juvenile Rock pipit followed its parents 'lead' and hopped around the fishermen etc. here looking for scraps. Also an adult Mediterranean gull was hanging out with the Black-headed gulls on the sea at the base of the pier.

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