Saturday, 10 August 2013

One of them special moments.

 A low tide level visit to the pier at about noon today resulted in about the same number of Terns as in previous visits as I viewed from the pier walkway. An adult and Juv. Rosy present as per previous posts still, and about 40 Common terns.
Four adult Mediterranean gulls along the Leas on this pass today, 2 near the Trow quarry entrance road and 2 on the Blackberry hills grassed area. Also one of the ringed Herring gulls I've seen before in Marine park showed again today here.

Had a look at Whitburn steel area at around 5pm hoping to pick up the Bonaparte s gull but no luck on this visit. But an adult Arctic tern was rested here along with very few other terns, but great to see the wader numbers growing here again.

So I headed back down to the pier again after visiting Whitburn  for a change...It was! as Bob my canine companion had been left at home on this late afternoon outing on purpose.The reason?  To sit with the Terns on Sandhaven rocks.

 Careful walk over the rocks near the pier gate and one's arse was settled between two of the main groups of terns. Again only one Rosy chick on show here and one adult.

 The Common terns entertained as always, with adults feeding young and young chasing adults.
 And then something happened that I didn't expect to occur. I had been keeping a eye on the juvenile Roseate tern after watching a parent bird leave it to obviously go off on the hunt. I waited in anticipation for an adult to return whilst loving the experience of sitting with terns, as always.

When it came back, what did the juvenile do??? flew directly in front of me and landed closer! to collect the food . Over in the matter of seconds,  but memories are made of this.! (un cropped shot)


  1. It's always special when you get really close to wildlife. Brilliant.

  2. I'm giving a presentation about parental care in roseate terns and would love to use your brilliant photos! Do you allow use of your pictures?

    1. Hi Kayla , hope this reply is not too late.. You are welcome to use any shots and if you need any more assistance just ask.