Saturday, 3 August 2013

Meds. on the menu again.

 My 'numpty' value went though the roof today!.. Checked the high tide times and headed off for my place of worship this time of year, ' the pier' at around 1pm today. It wasn't until I had parked up and set foot on the pier with Bob that I remembered that the camera battery was on still on charge back home...Senile moment number....? (I've given up on counting now). Thankfully it was more or less the same count of Terns as yesterday with around 60 Common terns in the area, mainly on Sandhaven rocks. But today I counted 28 Juveniles here so many more adults will be out fishing.

Three adult Mediterranean gulls picked up on the drive along the Leas stretch of grassed areas,the small pockets of Black-headed gulls along here proved well worth a better look. Blackberry hills area provided 2 adults today , always a good place to check out.

 And the above and below shots is I believe to be the Marsden car park bird, its bill pattern looks a little different now but time will tell if it is this resident winter visitor.
 The bird certainly behaved in the same manner...
 This first winter Med. gull was on Blackberry hills grassed area yesterday, but no sign today on the Leas.

Couple of sibling's rested on the pier rocks yesterday. A few of their rarer cousins will hopefully be landing here soon....

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