Monday, 11 August 2014

More entertainment from Sandhaven.

 The above shots are from Saturday, when two visits where had to the golden sands. First off in the morning, about when the tide was about half way out. This venture was a waste of time due to disturbance from folk who should know better field craft wise. We are all guilty at times of pushing our luck, but it's knowing when to back off....especially on this public beach when its not too busy. The second visit around tea time this day  was more like I'm used to. Sitting on the rocks watching the terns antic's, which is a pleasure.

This evening-
 A tad on the windy side to say the least! but the beach was pretty much empty after 6 pm this evening. The only disturbance whilst I was here was one dog walker plus the wind blowing sand which spooked the rested terns at times on the beach at the high tide level.. Just one adult and juv. (above shot) Sandwich terns and the numbers of Common's remain about the same here on my visits. (30-50).

This evening's visit produced also- my first Arctic tern juvenile rested up here this year so far.

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