Thursday, 14 August 2014

Another memorable visit on this patch.

 And finally after umpteen trips, numerous coins fed into machines and a canny few hours put in around this patch.....I gets my first Roseate tern settled on Sandhaven for the year. I only rattled off a few distant shots after picking it thro- the bins, then checked the camera settings,looked up again and it was gone! Leaving its 60 odd companioning Common terns still settled here. Hopefully many more will follow after a great season on Coquet for these terns.
 And then another local lad told me about this little belter on the little beach ( Little Haven) as I was walking back towards the car park. I honestly could not believe what I was witnessing when I caught up with the bird. It was feeding in the shallows just off the shoreline, whilst kids, dogs and joe public just done their own thing here oblivious to this Black-necked grebe.
And the grebe didn't seem too bothered about their presence either. Great stuff!

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